AquaCheck PRO II

The AquaCheck PRO II RTU (remote transmission unit) offers remote (wireless) access to the AquaCheck BIIW probe and can be used in a typical telemetry network environment.  It also offers compatibility with all the previous versions of AquaCheck Probe (2005-2008).  Up to 8 repeater hubs can be configured in one telemetry cell.

General Specifications:

  • Power supply: 3.6V Li-ion battery back which should last for about 12 months under normal conditions.
  • Antenna type: Omni or Yagi.
  • Distance: Up to 1,5km depending on antenna type.
  • Data storage: 15,000 logs or 312 days at ½ hour slot interval.
  • Accessories: Compatible with a automatic rain gauge and PlantSens dendrometer.
  • Environmental rating: IP65.
  • The PRO II can be used as a repeater with distances up to 750m.
  • The PRO II range is not CE/FCC/ETSI compliant.

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